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Strategic Advisory Group
U.S. Strategic Command

The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) is a federal advisory committee established to provide the Commander in Chief of USSTRATCOM (CINCSTRAT) with advice on scientific, technical, intelligence, and policy-related issues to during the development of the Nation's strategic war plans. As such SAG is one of the most influential advisory bodies in terms of impact on the operation and evolution of U.S. nuclear war planning. SAG's responsibilities are spelled out in a Charter which is normally updated every two years.

Prior to the establishment of STRATCOM in June 1992, SAG functioned as an advisory group to the Command in Chief of U.S. Strategic Air Command (CINCSAC). SAG was first established in 1968 by the JCS.

SAG consists of 20-30 members from the military services, support agencies, weapons labs, defense contractors, retired officials, and occasionally private institutes. The members are, according to SAG, "nationally-renowned civilian and military analysts and scientists who are actively engaged in scientific or analytical fields associated with nuclear weapons effects; weapons systems vulnerabilities; national command, control and communications; or other important aspects of strategic war-fighting systems. Membership is for a period or four years

In addition to the unpaid members, which are appointed as individual consultants to CINCSTRAT, SAG has a staff of four full-time employees at STRATCOM and an annual budget of around $400.000.

Plenary meetings are held twice a year but subcommittees or panels may be established and meet more frequently to examine specific issues as requested by CINCSTRAT or the SAG Chairman. CINCSTRAT approves or calls all SAG meetings, approves the agenda, and attends the meetings himself. Selected SAG documents include the following:

» SAG Charter
» Studies



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