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Russian Nuclear Forces

Although currently in the middle of a dramatic decline in terms of operationally deployed nuclear forces, Russia appears determined to retain the world's second largest nuclear power for the foreseeable future. As such, Russia remains the main driver for U.S. nuclear planning.

Annual overviews of Russian's nuclear force developments and status are provided in the Nuclear Notebook. This section of the Nuclear Information Project gives additional background on specific aspects of Russian nuclear forces:

Russian Nuclear Forces, Nuclear Notebook in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Russian Nuclear Submarine Patrols

Briefing: "New and Traditional Security Threats to Russia, and the Utility of Nuclear Weapons," September 12, 2006.
Presentation to WSI-ISS meeting Emerging Nuclear Weapons Policies: An Opportunity to Increase Dialogue, Washington, D.C., October 12-13, 2006 (NOTE: PDF, 0.86 MB)

Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (forthcoming)



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