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Port Visits by Individual Nuclear-Capable Warships

The following individual nuclear-capable warships visited Denmark and are profiled below due to their importance in documenting violations to Denmark's non-nuclear policy during the Cold War:

» USS Randolph (CVS-15) visit to Copenhagen in July 1966.
» USS Intrepid (CVS-11) visit to Copenhagen in 1971.
» USS Greenfish (SS-351) visit to Århus in 1972.
USS Dewey (DDG-45) visit to Nuuk, Greenland, September 1983 [forthcoming]
USS Conyngham (DDG-17) visit to Aalborg in July 1988.
» USS Spruance (DDG-693) and USS Dahlgren (DDG-43) visit to Århus in September 1988.
» USS Iowa (BB-61) visits in 1985 and 1989 [forthcoming]

See also:

» The 1988 national election.
» Chronology of nuclear-capable warship visits to Denmark.



background reports:

» Hans M. Kristensen, et al., "U.S. Naval Nuclear Weapons in Sweden," Greenpeace, Neptune Papers No. 6, September 1990.
(3.4 MB)

» Hans M. Kristensen, "The Neither Confirm Nor Deny Policy," unpublished working paper, August 2004.
(0.4 MB)

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