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Chinese Nuclear Forces

China is seen by the U.S. military as an important and increasing long-term nuclear threat. As such, U.S. nuclear planners reinstated China into SIOP (since renamed OPLAN 8044) nuclear planning in 1998 and has begun realigning U.S. nuclear strategy to take China's modernization into account for the long run.

The Central Intelligence Agency estimated in 2001 that China's nuclear forces will increase "severalfold" by 2015, and that the number of nuclear warheads that are primarily targeted on the United States will increase from about 20 today to 75-100 in the same timeframe. Only time can tell if that will happen, but past U.S. assessments of the size of China's nuclear stockpile have proven highly excessive.

The following items provide analysis and FOIA documents on Chinese nuclear forces and U.S.-Chinese relations:

Report: Chinese Nuclear Forces and U.S. Nuclear War Planning.
Chinese Nuclear Forces 2006.
Elusive Submarine Cave Spotted.
U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency estimate on Chinese nuclear forces (1984 with projections for 1989 and 1994).



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